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Accidents happen...If you are injured, know your rights!


Donavon Roberts in Albuquerque NM.

You can’t predict accidents, but you can know your rights. You can get the representation and the compensation you deserve, by putting Donavon A. Roberts, Esq. on your side. A former Metropolitan Court Judge with nearly 30 years experience, Donavon A. Roberts, Esq. should be your first call after any accident that leaves you seriously injured or disabled. So, whether on the road, hospital, home or on someone else’s business or property… Accidents happen! Know your rights! Get what you deserve!

Donavon A. Roberts, Esq. will fight hard to protect your rights and to make sure that the big corporations and insurance companies give fair and just value to your personal health, safety, and enjoyment of life, limb and family.
Donavon A. Roberts - personal injury attorney in Albuquerque NM